Standard Conditions

The Press Gallery is not responsible for articles not claimed within 30 days.

We exercise utmost care in processing articles entrusted to us and use such processes which, in our opinion, are best suited to the nature and condition of each individual article. Regrettably not all problems, manufacturing defects, or consumer stains are obvious prior to cleaning; therefore, we cannot assume responsibility for weaknesses or defects in materials that are not readily apparent prior to processing. According to the care label rules, it is the manufacturers’ responsibility to ensure that your garment and all trim are serviceable as per the care label.

The Press Gallery’s liability in respect to any lost or damaged article due to our workmanship shall not exceed 10 times the charge for processing it.

Additional Conditions

The Press Gallery cannot accept responsibility for:

-          DRAPERY: weaknesses whatsoever due to age, sun fading or water damage.

-          SUEDE AND LEATHER: oxidation (loss of colour), certain stains which permanently damage or adhere to the skin, scars and holes masked in the manufacturing process or glue from manufacturing in the seams that weep and stain the garment.

-          COMFORTERS: seams, material and filling that do not survive due to age, manufacturing or for weak and torn seams or material is due to the selection of material by the manufacturer and not as a result of the cleaning process.

-          HATS: absolutely no guarantee on any hat whatsoever.


-          PILLOWS: down pillows will have  new ticking placed on them and the original ticking will be discarded unless clearly noted on the original order ticket.

Pick up and Delivery

The Press Gallery is responsible for items in its possession - from the time that items are picked up by an agent or employee of The Press Gallery until such time as they are delivered to the address and location on file. The Press Gallery is not responsible for items prior to pickup, nor after delivery, under any circumstances, nor can The Press Gallery accept responsibility for missed pickups or deliveries. It is the responsibility of the client to provide a secure service location and to advise The Press Gallery of the location, including any and all access details.

Conditions apply

The Standard Conditions of The Press Gallery apply to all transactions and cannot be altered, waived or adjusted verbally by clients, agents or employees of The Press Gallery, and are subject to change without notice. The current Standard Conditions are available on our website (that is, here) or in print form from any of our agents on request.