Wet Cleaning

The Press Gallery Can Clean Anything from Suits to Socks: Professional Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services


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How many times have you purchased something, washed it once, and take it out of the dryer to find it has shrunk, faded or lost its soft texture? Even if a garment isn’t labeled “dry clean only” it can still be professionally cleaned to prevent mishaps. Don’t throw away your clothes after one wash, let the Press Gallery take over!


No Washer & Dryer? No Problem!

Use your Press Gallery laundry bag to give us your bulk laundry items, such as towels, jeans, under garments, and athletic wear. No need to collect your quarters for the laundry mat, spend your free time on the things that matter most. Schedule a free pick up and delivery through our easy and convenient mobile app. And voila! Clean clothes right at your doorstep.


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Wet & Dry-Cleaning Services

Check your labels or use your best judgement to decide whether an item needs special care. The label may not recommend dry cleaning, but professional services will always maintain the quality for longer in your garments. We use only the best eco-friendly methods to ensure that every item is returned back to you looking as good as the day you purchased it. You will find that garments will drape better, feel better, and have a long-lasting fresh scent.


Specialty Cleaning

The Press Gallery offers specialty cleaning services for leather, suede, fur, handbags, and shoes. And the best part is, we do it all in-house. These items tend to cost more, and it’s crucial to take care of them to preserve the value. Need repairs? We are partnered with multiple talented Tailors in Edmonton who can fix buttons, zippers, and so much more.


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Download our mobile app to start an order and schedule your pick up and delivery. Or give us a call at (780) 497–7377. Do you want to check out our brand-new state-of-the-art facility? Visit us at our West Edmonton location at 17511 107 Avenue NW.