Leather and Suede Clothing: Can It Be Cleaned?

Cleaning leather and suede isn't easy.

Leather and suede clothing aren't cheap, and unfortunately they can be tricky to clean. They're durable materials, but water can damage them, so putting them in a washing machine and even scrubbing them can be a bad idea. On top of this, they almost always fade and wear out over time.

But the good news is that it's very possible to clean and restore leather and suede, protecting your fashion investments and extending the life of your favourite items! 

There are considerations to make when cleaning leather and suede at home.

Restoring these items on your own can be very difficult. There are over the counter products that claim to let you restore color to leather and suede. Many of these are messy, difficult to handle, and don't get the job done, even if you use the product in exactly the right way. Another consideration is matching the colour: you don't want the portion you restore to have a different tint than the rest of the item, but this is often unavoidable with DIY restoration. Fixing up a damaged area or trying to bring back its colour on your own will almost always be noticeable afterward. And even in the best-case scenarios, you will only be able to keep using the items for a little while before they need more care.

The best way to clean and restore leather and suede -- and really extend the life of these items -- is to have professionals assist you with the process. Professional clothing restoration experts like The Press Gallery have worked with many kinds of leather and suede in many different items. Each requires a different touch and technique, and an expert eye can match colours closely enough that it can often be difficult to tell it’s been restored.

That’s right — your leather and suede can look like new! You paid a lot for it, so don’t let it go to waste once it starts to show its age. Contact us to clean your leather and suede items!

Leave the cleaning of your leather and suede items to the professionals at The Press Gallery.

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