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Dry-cleaners are known for using harmful chemicals throughout their cleaning process, and not only do these chemicals pollute the air, but they can also severely damage and irritate your skin. Most dry-cleaners today have begun switching to eco-friendly cleaning methods, but The Press Gallery has done more than just changing the cleaning products we use.



We use a synthetic solvent that is odourless, environmentally friendly and gentle on your skin. We also use a unique enzyme detergent specially formulated for superior stain removal, static control, and bacteria elimination. You will never smell that strong chemical scent when you walk into our facility, or when you bring your clothing home.

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Wet Cleaning is a process that uses biodegradable detergents and water. This is the best alterative for washing “dry-clean only” clothing. Wet cleaning provides you with an excellent cleaning result that’s perfect for sensitive skin and gentle on delicate fabrics.



We always use recycled paper bags for our wash and fold items, and although we couldn’t completely remove all plastic from our entire process- we have drastically decreased the use of unnecessary plastic. We have a fully automated bagging system imported from Italy that can bag multiple items in one single plastic bag and it never uses more bags than needed. We also ensure that we recycle all bags that come back to our facility.

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The Press Gallery is always looking for new and innovative ways that we can protect the earth and our people. Our goal is to lead the textile industry in quality, customer service, convenient tech-based resources, and of course our 100% eco-friendly cleaning methods.