LAUNCHING 03-01-19

The Press Gallery is always searching for new and innovative ways to make everyday chores like laundry and dry-cleaning more convenient and affordable. We have free pick-up and delivery, an easy to use mobile app, platinum locker services, and now we have introduced a brand-new subscription service that allows users to get their laundry and dry-cleaning done at a low monthly rate. Through The Press Gallery mobile app, users can simply choose a subscription option that works best for them and their laundry and dry-cleaning needs will be put on auto-pilot.


 The Premium Class package is perfect for those who don’t have time, don’t have a washer and dryer, or just really dislike the chore of doing laundry. Premium Class allows a maximum of 80lbs/ month for a low cost of $79.95/month. No need to count change for a laundromat or spend hours folding clothing – the Premium Class package takes all the work out of laundry!


For only $109.90/ month, Business Class members can get 80lbs of laundry cleaned and a maximum of 20 dress shirts or blouses/month. Laundry is freshly washed and folded, and shirts are cleaned, pressed, and returned on hangers. The Business Class package is ideal for busy professionals who dry-clean garments regularly and want to save money and time all while looking their very best!


This is our most prestigious package. First Class members get everything included in The Premium and Business Class packages, as well as a maximum of $75.00 worth of dry-cleaning every month for only $139.95/month. Members are treated to the luxury of First-Class service without breaking the bank! 

The Press Gallery has the largest facility in western Canada and we use state-of-the-art automated systems that allow us to wash just about anything. We were the first in Edmonton to introduce free valet services, the first to use 100% eco-friendly cleaning methods, and now the first to offer subscription laundry and dry-cleaning services. We are changing the textile industry – this is the future of clean!





The Press Gallery Can Clean Anything from Suits to Socks: Professional Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services


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How many times have you purchased something, washed it once, and take it out of the dryer to find it has shrunk, faded or lost its soft texture? Even if a garment isn’t labeled “dry clean only” it can still be professionally cleaned to prevent mishaps. Don’t throw away your clothes after one wash, let the Press Gallery take over!


No Washer & Dryer? No Problem!

Use your Press Gallery laundry bag to give us your bulk laundry items, such as towels, jeans, under garments, and athletic wear. No need to collect your quarters for the laundry mat, spend your free time on the things that matter most. Schedule a free pick up and delivery through our easy and convenient mobile app. And voila! Clean clothes right at your doorstep.


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Wet & Dry-Cleaning Services

Check your labels or use your best judgement to decide whether an item needs special care. The label may not recommend dry cleaning, but professional services will always maintain the quality for longer in your garments. We use only the best eco-friendly methods to ensure that every item is returned back to you looking as good as the day you purchased it. You will find that garments will drape better, feel better, and have a long-lasting fresh scent.


Specialty Cleaning

The Press Gallery offers specialty cleaning services for leather, suede, fur, handbags, and shoes. And the best part is, we do it all in-house. These items tend to cost more, and it’s crucial to take care of them to preserve the value. Need repairs? We are partnered with multiple talented Tailors in Edmonton who can fix buttons, zippers, and so much more.


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Download our mobile app to start an order and schedule your pick up and delivery. Or give us a call at (780) 497–7377. Do you want to check out our brand-new state-of-the-art facility? Visit us at our West Edmonton location at 17511 107 Avenue NW.





Caring for Winter Items

The colder months are rolling in. As the temperature begins to drop here are a few tips and considerations to help you roll with the seasons.

Canada Goose Outerwear Care


At The Press Gallery, we are accustomed to servicing your Canada Goose coats and jackets.  Whether it has a fur trim or not, or it is a vibrant red or white.  Our two tiered service includes our specialized cleaning but also a re-staining service of your outer shell cotton or blend to preserve the colour in the usual wear places or due to colour loss from a stain.

Cleaning Out the Closet


After a long slumber, your winter clothes will need to be awakened and taken out of storage. Hopefully you didn't have any unwanted visitors over the summer months but it's a good idea to check your garments for signs of insect damage.

Insects such as crickets, ants, moths, beetles, and cockroaches can feed on clothes that were not cleaned properly before storing. Look for small holes, worn areas, and discolored lines on the portions of the garment that had spills or stains that were never removed.

Moth ball odor can be difficult to remove. Try airing the garments by hanging them outside in the shade. If this does not completely remove the odor, cleaning the garments may help.

Winter Cleaning Tips

when it comes to cleaning, the first and easiest way to ensure the best cleaning is to follow the manufacturer's care label instructions. Many of your garments may be hand or machine washable. Minimize agitation to prevent matting and pilling of napped fabrics. We have pressing equipment that can reshape knits back to their original size if something gets out of shape. Follow recommended drying temperatures. Other materials such as wool, fur, and leather require professional care due to special cleaning and pressing procedures. Make sure to point out any known stains when you send them our way.

Festive Outfits

Many stains caused by cosmetics, oily foods, and beverages will get best results when pre-treated. Many festive dishes, unfortunately, contain ingredients that are not easily removed using household stain removal techniques and may require solvent-based treatments. Let us know if you are not sure what the best procedure would be.

Thank you for the opportunity to care for your wardrobe.

Protect Your Clothes While Soaking Up the Sun

Sometimes even the most innocent-looking products can bring worry to your relaxation wardrobe. Ward off unnecessary stress with these quick tips.

Tropical Threads

Potential Problem: Major color changes can occur in Hawaiian-style shirts, turning khaki garments green. Linen clothing may shrink, fade, or distort.

Clothing Care:  Don't assume elegant tropical shirts must be dry cleaned. Shirts with "wash" labels may lose a component color through dry cleaning. Use a gentle cycle and warm water for linen, then dry on a rack or hanger to minimize shrinkage.  Extra ironing will be necessary.


Potential Problem: Build-up from deodorant and antiperspirant products can cause fiber damage and yellowing.  Blue and green on silk and wool are particularly prone.  Aluminum chloride can weaken fibers in cotton, linen, rayon, and some synthetic blends, leaving holes during cleaning.

Clothing Care: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for application. Avoid overuse and allow antiperspirant/deodorant to dry before dressing. Soiled garments should be washed or dry cleaned as soon as possible.

Sunblock and Suntan Lotions

Potential Problem: Dyes and oils in suntan/sunblock lotions can stain clothing. This color loss or change may not appear until after you clean your clothes.

Clothing Care: Avoid many stains by following the directions on the bottle, allow the lotions to dry before dressing, and wash your hands before handling clothes.


Potential Problem: Chlorine in pools, spas, and hot tubs can damage spandex used in swimwear.

Clothing Care: Rinse your suit after wearing and follow the care label's instructions.

Self-Tanning Lotions

Potential Problem: Self-tanners may discolor anything they touch!  Light tan, brown, or yellow staining on the cuffs, collar fold, and neckband, and upper button areas, are typical.

Clothing Care: Follow the instructions carefully, being sure to wash your hands immediately and allow your skin time to dry before dressing.  If the product gets on your clothes, wash them as soon as possible, as these stains can be difficult to remove.

Insect Repellents

Potential Problem: Repellents usually will not damage most fibers; however, some products contain alcohol and can cause color loss or color change on fabrics such as acetate and rayon.

Clothing Care: Read the label carefully, especially if applying directly to clothing.

Prevent and Treat Common Summertime Stains

Your picture of paradise may include cheeseburgers, soda, ice cream, pizza, and other summertime favorites, but that picture undoubtedly doesn't include spots on your shorts and shirts.  These tips will help you confront the stains of summer. For a care-free stainless summer, bring stained items to us.

French Fries

Treat as a grease stain, like meats.  Wash in hottest water possible.


This stain has a little bit of everything, including tannin and fats.  Blot off excess stains and use a mild detergent.

Ice Cream & Popsicles

Use mild detergent.  Chocolate can be especially hard to remove.  Pre-treat it.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol may damage silk or acetate and can disturb dyes.  Blot with water and wash.

Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, & Steaks

Blot the excess of these grease stains and dab with water.  Use a pre-treatment such as "Shout." Launder. Bring drycleanable garments to us.


The acidic lemon juice may cause some dyes to change color.  

Candy Apples

Blot, don't rub.  Should wash out, unless it contains a lot of red dye.

Inside Our Stain Removal Arsenal

Stain removal is something we proudly do very well. There are a number of reasons why we stand a better chance of safely and effectively getting out a difficult stain than most folks can do themselves at home. Here's an inside look at our stain removal arsenal. 

Stain removal is half science and half art, but all timing. The sooner we get a stained garment, the more likely we can remove the stain. Chemistry, knowledge of fibers and fabrics, and following the path of least resistance guide our approach to removing stains. The fewer treatments a stain removal specialist needs to do on a garment the better. That goes for the specialist and the garment! The most powerful tool a stain removal specialist has is a firm understanding of the characteristics and attributes of stains, aided by a set of specialized tools.